Thinking of Resizing (move)  or Repurposing (stay)

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Real Estate

We have all been homebound since early March and have had differing interpretations of this experience.  For some it has been a positive and in the suburbs many are thankful to have a space to move around.  For some it has been negative and very confining.  

The real estate market has been on a hiatus over the past few months due to the pandemic but it is starting to come back.  Demand in many areas is high as supply continues to be low.  This gap is particularly high in the Greater Boston area.  For those of us in the suburbs this is an opportune time to attract urban buyers who may be tired of staying in place or paying a premium to live in luxury buildings with facilities they are unable to use. On the other hand, however,  many who thought about downsizing may now be rethinking the benefit of more space.

Whatever your plans there are many simple ways to improve your current space.  If you do plan to sell take advantage of a few simple ideas to improve your curb appeal.  Shared by a friend and Realtor at BudSells in Virginia are a few easy suggestions.

No matter whether you are plan to stay where you are or move it can always be beneficial to better organize a current space to repurpose it for other uses such as a work area.  If you are thinking of moving this is a great time to declutter and clean out your junk.  Although many donation sites are not yet open you can section off an area to make future donations or even try to sell some items using Facebook marketplace or other media tools in your community.  (be careful however on the selling and delivery of personal items and never be home alone). If you are staying this is the time to reorganize and set up for the longer term. 

On the outside front, it looks like we will be spending more and more time at home, thus,  it’s a great time to revamp your patio and backyard space.  Why not get outside and get fresh air while also doing a little edging, weeding and trimming of hedges.

You can get creative with a few touch up ideas:
-Put a bright coat of paint on your mailbox.
-Buy a new welcome mat.
-Get some new outside lights
-Spring for some brightly colored potted outdoor flower arrangements for the front yard near the entrance.
These are just a few suggestions. I have been readying my toolbox to share more tips on preparing to Resize for buyers and sellers and will be offering a few information sessions over the next few weeks over Zoom.  In addition, if you would like to learn more feel free to reach out to me for a private chat session.  My email is and my website is  You can also reach me on my Facebook page @wendybcb.