Pre-7th Inning Stretch- Ways to feel good

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As we enter week 6 of staying at home and the peak of the Massachusetts pandemic each day seems to blend into the next.  With resources and suggestions from my colleagues at Coldwell Banker I have put together a list of suggestions activities to spice your days up a bit.  Here are six things you can do to stay on your game and even have a little fun.

1. Turn Your Fridge and Pantry Into Tasty Recipes

A trip to the local market isn't  a “safe space” right now, but don’t worry! You can order delivery online or cook up some fun with basic pantry items.  Check out these 19 easy recipes to make with stuff you already own and share other ideas you may have.

2. Declutter, Purge and Donate

 This is the perfect opportunity to dig through your closets, basement or garage and get rid of items you no longer use. Creating more living space is an excellent stress reliever.   Plus, there’s no better feeling than helping those less fortunate in this time of need. Find a Goodwill drop-off location near you or your charity of choice and pay it forward while staying in your vehicle.

3. Learn a New Skill
With so many online education platforms available today, it’s easy to learn new skills or brush up on current ones. LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of business courses for professionals, these 10 educational websites are great for kids, and YouTube offers something for everyone.  Many local universities are also sharing online courses free of charge.  I just signed up to take a Shakespeare class at Harvard.  

4. Catch Up with Family and Friends

During uncertain times, it’s especially important to reach out to loved ones and make sure everyone is safe and doing well. It’s also a great excuse to catch up with grown kids and grandkids. So, pick up the phone and make a few calls, FaceTime with distant friends or organize a group video conference with Zoom or Google Hangout. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. It’s the thought and your effort that matter the most.

5. Keep Young Children Entertained

With so many schools and day cares closed, if you have kids, you will want to keep them busy and entertained, too. Here are 125 ideas to keep youngsters happy and active.

6. Take a Virtual Tour

You don’t have to leave your home to get your fill of the great outdoors. These five national parks offer virtual tours that feel so real, you’ll be gasping in no time. When your “trip” is over, call or FaceTime a friend and share your experience or tell your friends on social media.

Our lives have all changed a lot recently and we need to take comfort knowing that this is a temporary situation and things will get better.   I am here and offer email as well as person to person chatting via Zoom,  FaceTime or Instagram live if you want to reach out with a real estate question or just want to chat.   Just let me know.  We’ll get through this together!