Massachusetts Fair Housing Law

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I am sharing the Guidelines that we are required to follow to be in compliance with Massachusetts Fair Housing Law and applicable resources.

Summary: Overview of important information regarding Massachusetts Fair Housing Law and resources.

Applicability: Applies to all Coldwell Banker Realty Sales Associates, Brokers/Associate Brokers and Personal Assistants Responsibility:

Office Managers, Regional Vice Presidents / District Managers IT IS THE POLICY of Coldwell Banker Realty (“Coldwell Banker”) and its employees and associates to comply with Massachusetts and federal fair housing laws by ensuring that housing accommodations are available to all persons without regard to:

• Race • Marital status • Genetic information • Color • Children/familial status • Age • Religious creed • Sex • Disability • National origin • Sexual orientation • Veteran/active military status • Ancestry • Gender identity • Public assistance recipiency [e.g., Section 8 or Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) holder]


Coldwell Banker and its Employees and Sales Associates are prohibited from discriminating against any person because renting to such person may trigger any requirement of the Massachusetts lead paint laws, including the obligation to abate lead paint hazards. Coldwell Banker Employees and Sales Associates must refrain from taking any action in violation of Fair Housing Laws, including but not limited to the following actions on the basis of a person’s membership in a protected class:

• Refusing to show, rent, negotiate for the rental of, receive an application for the rental of, or otherwise making unavailable or denying housing accommodations;

• Setting different terms, conditions, or privileges for the rental of housing accommodations, except to provide a reasonable accommodation to a person with a disability;

• Representing that housing accommodations are unavailable for inspection or rental when such accommodations are in fact available, or otherwise withholding information about available housing accommodations;

• Placing any rental advertisement for housing accommodations or making any verbal or written statement that indicates a preference, limitation, or discrimination based on membership in a protected class;

• Knowingly entering into an agreement which imposes any restriction on the individuals to whom housing accommodations may be shown or rented based on membership in a protected class.Any prospective or current tenant who believes that this policy has been violated may contact any of the following:

• Massachusetts Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, at 617-727-2200

• Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, at 617-994-6000

• U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, at 800-669-9777

Any Employee or Sales Associate of Coldwell Banker who fails to comply with this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or affiliation. Any action taken by an Employee or Sales Associate of Coldwell Banker that results in unequal service, treatment, or behavior towards any applicant or prospective tenant may constitute a violation of Massachusetts and Federal Fair Housing Laws.